Friday, June 15, 2007

Ann Taylor Loft's New Birth

Thank god maternity clothes just keep getting better and better. I can remember what I had to choose from when I was pregnant with my first in 2000 - yuck!

Lucky for those who are pregnant now, Ann Taylor Loft has sprouted a new maternity line. Currently, they have free shipping on $75 or more. How easy is that with maternity clothes? Cake-walk.

As always, I've done a bit of shopping for you. Here are some styles to look over:
Maternity Embroidered Sleeveless Top (and pants)
Maternity Border Print Cami (and pants)
Maternity Ruched Cap Sleeve Sweater (add a little color to the wardrobe)
Maternity Flocked Gingham Dress
Maternity Crochet Waist Dress

And a girl can't be without a few darling accessories:

Emily Circle Crochet Wedge (No, I didn't pick the shoes because of the name!)
Wicker Shoulder Bag
Black Filigree Coil Bracelet

A pregnant girl shopping is a happy pregnant mom!